GentleLASE CANDELA - hair removal by alexandrite laser with dynamic cooling of the skin

Why permanent removal by alexandrite laser GentleLASE with dynamic cooling of skin?

Permanent hair removal is among the most requested procedures. Traditional removal by shaving, plucking with tweezers and waxes is only temporary. Conversely, these procedures stimulate further growth and often lead to skin inflammation. Electrolysis (so-called "electric needle") requires years of lengthy and painful treatments often accompanied by a skin allergy, scarring and formation of ingrown hair. The only really effective way is the destruction of the hair bulbs by laser beam. The oldest generation represented Nd: YAG laser without greater selectivity beam absorption in skin pigment, which was later replaced by ruby laser. The newest generation represents the alexandrite laser GENTLELASE, who´s beam will destroy even the deepest located hair bulbs. Precisely tuned laser beam (wavelength of 755 nm) will destroy only the hair bulb without damaging skin or other skin structures. Given the large skin area covered by laser beam, and also high frequency issuance of laser beams, allows fast treatment which enhances patients comfort during surgery.

What other problems can be removed and treated?

GentleLASE Alexandrite laser can also remove some vascular manifestations, such as thicker "spider veins" on legs, deep hemangiomas, and certain congenital vascular malformations (certain types of port wine stains - naevus flammeus), which is otherwise removed by Vbeam and ScleroPlus dye lasers with dynamic skin cooling. This laser is extremely effective in removing unwanted pigment spots and in laser photo rejuvenation for its lifting and regenerating effects.

What is a dynamic skin cooling (Dynamic Cooling Device ®) during surgery?

GentleLASE is the only device that is equipped with a patented system of dynamic skin cooling in depilatory treatment (Dynamic Cooling Device ®). For each laser pulse to the skin, cryogenic spray is sprayed on the skin, which cools the skin, and is particularly important for achieving maximum comfort during the surgery. The quantity of coolant and synchronization of the laser beam is adjusted by the physician according to the particularities of the patient. Dynamic cooling targets selective cooling of the skin that allows the treatment to be more effective. This sophisticated cooling system differs from conventional types by its greater efficiency in the destruction of hair bulbs. The treatment is painless and without skin burns.

How many treatments are needed?

The laser beam destroys hair permanently on any part of the body. The hair grows in cycles. Some of the hair is in a so called "resting growth phase” so for permanent effect, 3 to 4 treatments are needed.

What needs to be followed before and after treatment?

4-6 weeks before and after treatment avoid tanning (sun, solarium). 6 weeks before laser hair treatment do not pluck, dye or wax the area. Shaving prior to treatment is fine. Let the hair grow before surgery to about 1-2 mm in length ("stubble”).