Skinlight - (Er:YAG laser)

As feather´s gentle touch erbium laser Skinlight smooth’s your wrinkles around the eyes, mouth or even the whole face (full-face skin resurfacing).

It smooth’s acne, chicken pox or surgery scars. It helps to get rid of various skin growths such as seborrhoic senile warts, fibromas, xanthelasma, nice, flat warts, genital warts and the like. It can also be used to remove tattoos and pigmented spots.

It is a perfect light knife that without touching your body, removes the thin layers of only one thousandth millimeter depth with everything that bothered you until now. By its action it activates the germinal layer of skin and gives it a fresh, youthful look. Patients describe a stinging sensation during treatment. If you wish, we can apply a local anesthetic.

Compared with older generations of classical CO2 lasers, this laser has a shorter period of healing without long-term redness or heat damage to the skin and the early return to normal facial appearance. Erbium laser emits laser light radiation having a wavelength of 2940 nm in the infrared spectrum. Absorption in water molecules is more than 10 times greater than CO2 laser (laser emits radiation with a wavelength of 10 600 nm). Erbium laser energy is absorbed in the outermost layers of water molecules, which allows the removal of skin tissue by a thickness of a few thousandths of a millimeter without causing cumulative heat damage to the cell.