ScleroPlus CANDELA - dye lasers with dynamic skin cooling

What skin and mucosal symptoms can be treated by a dye laser with dynamic cooling ScleroPlus skin?

ScleroPlus laser removes vascular manifestations - spider veins on the legs, extended veins on the face (rosacea), hemangiomas, "spider" (naevus araneus), port wine stain (naevus flammeus), warts (including genital), keloidal and hypertrophic scars with maximum efficiency and without thermal damage to surrounding tissue which often occurs in treatments without laser devices. It can also heal stretch marks from pregnancy and sudden changes in body weight, the effects from the use of anabolic and hormonal drugs, and chronic pudendum disease of the external female genitalia that is accompanied by burning and itching.

Why dye laser?

The principle of vessel removal is energy absorption of yellow laser beam in blood pigment treated vessels. Precisely tuned color laser beam is captured in hemoglobin in treated vessels without damaging the surrounding tissue (a process of selective photothermolysis). Extended and multiple vessels intake energy, which leads to their targeted damage and subsequent disappearance under skin tissue.

Why yellow laser beam?

Yellow laser beam has the most optimal wavelength related to the absorption spectrum of hemoglobin, which allows it to be absorbed into the blood pigment of treated vessels and supports the process of selective photothermolysis.

Which extended vessels can be removed?

The device has four selectable wavelengths - 585 nm, 590 nm, 595 nm, 600 nm. Energy density can be set up to 30/Jcm2. ScleroPlus dye laser can therefore be used not only in removing thin vessels (for example on the face) but also "spider veins" on legs up to a diameter of 1 to 1.2 mm. Thicker "spider veins" can be removed using Alexandrite Laser with dynamic skin cooling GENTLELASE.

What is the treatment process?

The treatment area is defined by a targeting light that transmits the laser beam whose shape is adjusted to the particular vascular problem. The apparatus can treat vascular linear expressions (such as "spider veins" on the legs, telangiectasia on the face, etc.) by so-called oval 2x7 mm spots. Oval 2x7 mm spot allows us to exactly copy branched "spider veins" and treat only the needed vascular structures without the careless treatment of large areas. Surface manifestations (naevus flammeus, dense clusters of thin vessels on the face, microvarixy nets of finest calibers after sclerotherapy of thicker varices on legs, vascular growths) are treated with a round spot with a diameter of 5 mm and 7 mm. During the treatment eyes are protected by goggles.

How long is the treatment?

The duration of treatment depends on the extent of symptoms. On less pronounced problems it is enough to apply just several laser "shots". More pronounced problems require more treatments so the procedure may vary from several seconds to a few minutes.

What is a dynamic skin cooling?

Dynamic cooling is a device that applies coolant to the skin before each laser pulse. The procedure becomes painless and prevents burning, scarring and the subsequent pigment changes in spot treatments.

What needs to be followed before and after treatment?

We don’t recommended sun tanning of the treated areas before or after treatment. After treatment, there can be slight swelling and redness of the treated parts, which can be relieved by cool compresses or ice. For several days after treatment, a soothing antibacterial healing ointment is applied on the treated area.